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99 Cents Only Stores Job Application

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99 Cents Only Stores Application Online – Jobs & Careers

99 Cents Only company is a retail chain with 300 stores all around the United States. The company sells products for $1.00. 99 Cents Only stores have popularity in American Southwest. They offer thousands of job opportunities for both entry-level and career-minded.

Job Opportunities

99 Cents Only prides companywide operations on purity, satisfaction, and accessibility because of it’s a retail chain. Throughout the hiring process, the retailer screens for zealous, motivated and kind people can perform both customer service and stock liabilities, as many positionscontain overlapping duties. Workers, as usual, begins like cashiers or sales associates and sooner or later they got promotion into manager roles or supervisory job titles. Most store managers work full-time but because of the varying shift options, applicants can work flexible hours, moreover for supporting managerial roles.

To provide shoppers unique experiences every location mixes traditional business concepts with hypermarket store operations models. What you can buy from 99 Cent Only Stores are housewares food, clothing and miscellaneous stuff like party favors, children’s toys and stationery. Employees love the ability of change their department with request. Regular job tasks contain interacting with the general public and stocking product on merchandise shelves. Specific job tasks vary slightly position to position for example during the busy store hours employees generally share cashier duties.

Employment and Pay Scales

Applicants must stand at least 18 years old and possess legal authorization to work so as to qualify for employment the regional retail chain. What the regional company refers to employees is 99ers. On a regular basis, hiring takes place for part time and full time positions. İncluding availability, work ethics, and previous experience, recruitment personnel screen for various qualities in candidates. Job titles for hire are common like:


In 99 Cent Only Stores position of cashier is usually stand as an entry-level position. Cashiers job duties mainly involve a great deal of customer interaction and assistance. With a computerized register system, employees ring up all 99 cents only store purchases. Customary duties for 99 Cents Only employees, in general, include handling returns, stocking shelves, and opening or closing stores depending on the shift. Hiring requirements of the position are very little and also it may help first time job seekers hoping to enter the workforce. 99 Cents only workers have to exhibit contain great communication skills, timeliness, availability and willingness to trace directions.

Cashiers who hired by 99 Cents Only mostly earn hourly wages and pay scales. $7.00 to $9.00 per hour look average payment for cashiers. If a cashier has some experience 99 Cents Only cashier earnings may increase to as high as $10.00-$11.00 an hour. İt’s a goodopportunity for individuals who want to grow in the retail industry that provides a great bridge to positions like merchandiser, shift supervisor, store manager, even corporate jobs and this advanced jobs may come with salary options and additional rewards. 99 Cents Only Shops benefits to cashiers may include vacation time, flexible scheduling and even performance rewards.

Sales Associate

99 Cents Only routinely hires beginner job seekers to work like sales associates for one of the leading discount retailers in the country. Besides 99ers, employees at 99 Cents Only perform duties in varied market departments and hand out to overall retail operations. Besides associating sales interact directly with customers they provide exceptional service. What employees have to do are handle customer inquiries, locate merchandise for patrons, offer product recommendationsand also stocking inventory, maintaining store cleanliness. If it’s necessary stores may also require sales associates to perform cashier duties. The beginner position workers must be qualified and have minimal formal education requirements. 16 is least hiring age at 99 Cent Only but some stores may prefer applicants to have a high school diploma. Strong communication skills, friendly demeanor and the ability to work as part of a team these skills are what prospective sales associates should can. Extra qualifications like effective problem solving and the ability to retain product knowledge and store information. An applicant may only work at night, weekend or holiday shifts with hiring a manager.

Sales associate’s payment is hourly and it’s between $7.25 and $8.25 at the beginning. Salary mostly scale up with regular employment and experience. 99 Cents Only offers generous job benefits to eligible employees because of competitive wages and casual work climate. Good associates with good background enjoy dental, vision and general medical plans and also the discount retailer provides financial advantage like life insurance, flexible spending accounts and 401(k) retirement plans. Advantage-eligible employees take advantage of vacation time, personal days and merchandise discount programs additionally comprehensive medical and financial coverage. What associates receive from 99 Cents Only are company uniform, paid training and weekly paychecks with direct deposit options. Retail career opportunities are provided from 99 Cents Only for beginner job seekers at over 300 locations throughout the southwestern United States. Discount store chain which continues growing needs dedicated sales associates to serve an enlarging customer base and enhance the 99 Cents Only shopping experience.


99 Cents Only wants skillful and career-minded job seekers and serve as inspector of Store operations to control is situated. The discount dealer supervisory and administrative function to engage in a number of full time store managers. Administrative employees work hiring process and training, and developing of other team members. Preparing of the working schedules of the employees, monitoring sales, inventory,  and customer satisfaction are their additional duties.  Managers at the company help other team members when needed. The company wants some qualifications and educational background for management jobs. Potential managers have at least high-school diploma or equivalent with previous management experience. Employees should have some skills such as good communication, leading skills and organization skills. The company offers flexible working hours.

99 cents only store provides competitive wages and employee benefits. Management employees earn between 30,000 to $ 45,000 annually. It can raise up depending on bonuses and experience of workers. The company provides medical, dental and vision benefit to management workers. Also, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and 401 (k) retirement plans are offered by the company. Only 99 Cents managers have vacation time, personal days and discount of product opportunities. The retail chain has nearly 300 stores, especially in California, in Western America therefore, it is a good opportunity to find suitable job for all types of jobseekers.  99 Cents Only waits for experienced candidates for management department.

How to Apply to 99 Cents Only Stores

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

99 Cents Only Stores Working Hours; Open every day: 8:00am-9:00pm

Job Positions at 99 Cents Only Stores; Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application Form or PDF; 99 Cents Only Stores Application or visit official site

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