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Acme Markets Job Application

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Acme Fresh Markets is a popular regional grocery store chain and job seekers can find hundreds of job opportunities across Northeast Ohio. The reason for this wide range of opportunities is that the locations belonging to the company underwent serious renovations which requires the company to hire more employees to assist in operations at the expanded storefronts. Those who are interested can find excellent career paths in the grocery store industry. Moreover, payscale can be considered as competitive and the working conditions are very supportive.

Acme Fresh Market Job Opportunities

At Acme Fresh Markets stores, it is entry-level jobs that represent the most widely accesible forms of employment. These kind of job opportunities are especially for those with limited availability and for those who want to be a part of the grocery industry. Job seekers with these features can apply now. As for the opportunities, Acne Fresh Markets employs for positions like general labor, departmental positions, and customer service. Applicants should know that they are expected to stand or move for long periods of time. In addition, they may be asked to perform manual labor like lifting, sorting, and organizing.

In addition to the opportunities explained above, Acme Fresh Markets offers managerial job opportunities. These positions are especially for those who want to have a steady income and long-term employment. There is both part-time and full-time opportunities which depends on the position for which job-seekers want to apply.

Acme Employment Prospects and Wages

In terms of experience and age, there are only minimum requirements that candidates are expected to meet. For entry-level positions, no prior work experience in the field is required. However, it is really essential to show dedicated amd friendly behaviour in order to get a job at this company. Moreover, appearance is also important which means that workers are expected to maintain well-groomed, shaved, and presentable appearances at all times.

You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Cashier/Checker – Cashiers are mainly responsible for working checkout aisles at Acme Fresh Market Stores. Moreover, cashiers are expected to ring up customer purchases, price-check items, and return unwanted merchandise to store shelves. Cashiers should have great communication skills since they are respınsible for basic customer service functions. That is to say, they are supposed to answer questions about services provided.. As for the salary, cashiers earn either the minimum wage or $9.00 per hour. And it is possible to increase this wage through proven work experience.

Clerk – This position can be considered as one of the widest categories of work offered by Acme stores. Clerks are responsible for working directly with the general public and providing both general and specialized services. There are a variety of job titles such as grocery clerk, drug/general merchandise clerk, lobby clerk, deli clerk, courtesy booth clerk, and butcher block clerk. Candidates who apply for deli and butcher clerk positions may be asked to meet certain health and safety standards. Responsibilities also include organizing product on shelves, assisting customers, and performing general maintenance. As for the salary, while most of the time they earn the minimum wage, there may be some clerks who earn $9.00 per hour.

Management –Managerial positions offer higher salaries than entry-level jobs. Management positions in Acme stores involve full-time schedules while it is also possible for job seekers tı find part-time positions like supervisors and weekend managers. Mainly, managers are responsible for customer satisfaction. Moreover, they are required to maintain and increase sales, hire on help, train new-hire workers, schedule associates, and order products. As for the salary, assistant managers earn $55.000 per year while store managers earn $65.000 to $70.000 per year.

How to Apply to Acme Markets

Minimum Work Age; 16 years old

Acme Markets Working Hours; Monday-Saturday: 7:00am-10:00pm; Sunday: 8:00am-10:00pm

Job Positions at Acme Markets; Cashier/Checker, Grocery Clerk, Drug/General Merchandise Clerk, Lobby Clerk, Service Deli Clerk, Butcher Block Clerk, Courtesy Booth Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Store Director, Store Director, Asset Manager, Distribution Office Worker, Distribution Warehouse Worker

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. Visit official site

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