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Having more than 1000 locations in 50 states, Aeropostale is considered as one of the most popular fashion retail companies in the United States. Since the company has more than 1000 locations, it is looking for a number of employees for entry-level and managerial positions.

Aeropostale Job Opportunities

Those want to apply for positions in Aeropostale should prove that they are capable of adapting to fast-paced work environments. Moreover, candidates should be self-starting and highly motivated individuals. Having a previous experience in the related field is advantageous during the hiring process. In addition, it is easier for candidates with exceptional innate sales skills to gain employment at this company. There are additional requirements such as adhering to company expectations, standing and moving constantly, and assisting customers.

Aeropostale is a company which is mainly based in shopping malls and specializes in clothing and accessories. The company needs new employees who have an extensive knowledge and understanding of that market. There are both entry-level and managerial opportunities offered by the company. Employees are expected to be timely, flexible, and enthusiastic.

Employment and Salary Information for Aeropostale

You can find the necessary information about the positions that are offered by the company below:

Sales Associate – Job seekers who want to apply for a sales associate position should show that they are friendly, personable, and cheerful. During the hiring process, it is really essential for individuals to be visibly attentive and courteous. A sales associate is expected to have great communication skills since they are responsible for prodiving customer service. During this interaction with customers, it is really important to communicate the brand identity to each customer. As for other responsibilites, sales associates are responsible for working cash registers, providing change for completed orders, maintaining store cleanliness and organization, and provide sales suggestions to customers. As for the salary, they usually earn $8.00 per hour which is the minimum wage.

Manager- job seekers who want to apply for managerial positions should show sound organizational and motivational skills in order to gain employment. Managerial titles available are sales lead, assistant manager, and store manager. Managers are mainly responsible for hiring and trainin new workers, setting schedules. Moreover, they are expected to motivate and supervise entry-level employees. It is also essential for employees in this position to increase brand awareness and ensure customer satisfaction. There are some requirements that are expected to be met by candidates such as having a high school diploma or the equivalent, prior work experience, and great communication skills. As for the salary, it depends on the title that one holds. Sales leads earn $12.00 per hour while assistant managers earn $35.000 per year on average. Store managers earn $55.000 per year.

Minimum Work Age; 16 years old

Aeropostale Working Hours; Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm

Job Positions at Aeropostale; Sales Associate, Store Sales Leader, Assistant Store Manager, Associate Store Manager, Store Manager, Training Store Manager, General Manager, District Manager, Group District Manager, Regional Manager, Human Resources Specialist, Warehouse Worker, Loss Prevention Specialist, Merchandiser

Printable Application Form or PDF; Download Aeropostale Application Form or Visit official site.

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