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Aflac is an interntional company which has more than 50 million customers and it offers job opportunities to job seekers who want to take a part in the insurance industry. The company prodives job seekers with both entry-level and managerial positions which have part-time and full-time opportunities.

Aflac Employment Opportunities

Aflac was founded in the mid-1950s and it receives continual recognition as one of the top firms  to work for in the United States. Moreover, it ranks as a Fortune 500 company. At this company, employees are provided with open-door managerial philosophies and ongoing career development programs. At this company, diversity is always promoted. It is essential for individuals to be aware that teamwork anf dedication are integral to daily life as an associate. This is true for all the positions available at the company. It is always encouraged by the company for workers to volunteer in surrounding communities.

Most positions avaiable at Aflac require performing customer service. Whether the position is in the field or in office, it surely will require consistent interaction with the general public. Therefore, it stands really essential for candidates to show that they have great communication skills and they are able to work as part of teams.

Aflac Job Outlook and Salary Information

At Aflac, job seekers are provided with many job opportunities in a variety of positions such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Work environments at this company can be considered inclusive, and professionally driven. Employees are also offered paid training, ongoing development, and job benefits packages. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Insurance Agent – this position is full-time and it is a great opportunity for job seekers who want to gain employment in an entry-level position. They are mainly responsible for compiling rate quotes, calling customers regarding package benefits and services, and creating personalized insurance plans. As for the requirements, having a high school diploma or the equivalent stands as crucial for gaining employment. Even though it is not essential to have a prior work experience, possessing previous sales or customer service experience quickens the hiring process. As for the salary, they earn $25.000 per year.

 Customer Service Representative – This is also an entry-level position which requires little or no prior work experience. This position is available both as part-time and full-time. They are mainly responsible for handling customer complaints, comments, and questions via telephone and email. For this position, it is really importsnt for individuals to have great communication skills and familiarty with basic computer operating systems. As for the salary, they earn $13.00 per hour.

How to Apply to Aflac

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

Aflac Working Hours;Monday-Friday: 8:00am-8:00pm; Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Job Positions at Aflac; Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Recruiting Specialist, Employee Relations Analyst, Claims Specialist, Associate Compensation Specialist, Territory Manager, Budget Accountant, Associate Counsel, Operations Analyst, Trainer, Research Analyst, Business Process Analyst, Application Developer, Broker Marketing Manager, Market Development Consultant, Statistician, Systems Administrator, Investment Risk Analyst, Web Producer, Tax Accountant, Budget Analyst

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. Visit official site.

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