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Air New Zealand is a global company that both transports passengers and cargo. Since its incorporation, the company continues to grow from 1940 to today. The company employs both part-time and full time workers, both in flight and terminals. Since it is a global company, you can apply for an international job there.

Job Opportunities at Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has a wide variety of destination and departure countries such as New Zealand, the Southwest Pacific, Asia, North America, the United Kingdom, Australia. Arranging flights going to and from these countries, Air New Zealand needs qualified employees. Though previous experience is not an obligation, Air New Zealand looks for a dedicated and diverse employees who can be a good part of the teamwork. Also, employees will represent the company, therefore candidate should be friendly, approachable, honest. Employees should reflect the company culture of the Air New Zealand. Candidates who internalized airline values will have a good impression on human resources personnel.

Air New Zealand is hiring in the fields of engineering, sales, market development, cargo, commercial, finance, airport operations. Previous job experience or knowledge of the field of application would be beneficial. Candidates who lack sufficiency in the field might have the chance of starting out in entry level positions. Air New Zealand provides their employees an intense training program. Employees also have the chance to be promoted within the company which means even though candidates start working as entry level employees, they will have the chance to be promoted and they can improve their careers in the process.

Positions of Air New Zealand and Information About Salary

Some positions of Air New Zealand require certification, training and licenses. In addition to that, candidates must be at least 18 years old. Job opportunities that require little experience or training consist of:

Flight Attendant: It is possible to be a flight attendant as a full time or part time employee. The salary of flight attendants can be up to $40.000. Air New Zealand provides training which is free for the employees. With this training employees learn about the services such as delivery, security, emergency procedures, aircraft training. In order to get them to offer you the job, you must pass the test with high scores. Some of the duties of flight attendants are to maintain the supplies that are sufficient fort he number of the people who will be in flight, cleaning the cabin before, during and after the flight, showing all of the safety and emergency equipment. Also checking the passenger seat belts before the flight and serving drinks and meals, answering all of the passengers’ questions, issues, concerns are among the duties of flight attendants. Also, it should be taken into consideration that flight attendants work with weekend, night and holiday shifts.

Baggage Loader: Baggage loaders generally work for six days then give break for three days. Baggage loading might be a quite tiring job for some people. Applicants must be able to bend and lift heavy parcels. Baggage loaders also work in shifts such as night, holiday and weekend shifts. Baggage loaders should have driver’s licenses and medical and security checks should be passed by them before hiring. Also previous experience with a job which requires physical force can be beneficial in the process of hiring but it is not obligatory. In order to apply for this job, the applicant must be able to safe and secure handling of customer baggage and applicants must read the information on baggage tags without a mistake. Baggage loading is usually choosed by employees as a part time job. Hourly wage for baggage loading is usually between $10.00 to $12.00.

How to Apply to Air New Zealand

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

Air New Zealand Working Hours; Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Job Positions at Air New Zealand; Customer Service Representative, Flight Attendant, Flight Crew Member, Loader, Cargo Airline Clerk, Cargo Route Business Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Specialist, Pilot, Contact Centre Consultant, Travel Consultant, Supplier Relationship Manager, Air Traffic Controller-Trainee, Air Traffic Controller, Technician-Trainee, Technician, Air Transportation Specialist, Air Ground Equipment Supervisor, Air Terminal Operations Supervisor

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. visit official site.

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