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How To Get Attractive Airline Jobs?

Travel industry offers plenty of job opportunities to those who are interested. When it comes to any airport, they need a large number of manpower to run it on a daily basis. Airports remain open 24 hours a day. As far as job opportunities are concerned, you can work in the aviation, luggage handling, ticket counter, etc. If you are an entry-level job seeker, you will come across many job opportunities. And most of these job opportunities offer flexible hours.

Career Growth In The Industry

The airline industry grows parallel with the growth of the nation. The industry will register bigger growth if the economy grows. When the economy is growing, there is more demand for passenger and cargo traffic. And as a result, airlines continue to hire more people to help run their business. There are so many good positions available for someone who is interested in working in the industry. Be its regional airlines or international airlines, they are always looking for talented people to fill up important positions. They are looking for customer service executives, ramp agents, flight attendants, sales agents, mechanics, pilots, etc. They offer both entry level as well as experienced positions. Each of these posts is crucial to the success of the industry. For the same, they are looking for only qualified candidates.

Airline industry jobs

According to Forbes, airline industry struggled to make profits until 2008. But things have improved a lot over that period, with $5 billion profits per year in the years that followed. Much of the credit goes to the overall economic growth that witnessed post-recession. And today, airlines register more profits with each passing year. Today, the industry is able to sustain long-term-profits. Most of the airlines; be it international, local, or national are open to hiring more entry-level job seekers. They also hire experienced candidates. You will find both part-time and full-time job opportunities. Since more jobs are being created, you can easily find a good job.


According to statistics, every day more than 1.75 million people fly by plane in the US alone. Since there are so many job opportunities awaiting the job seeker, you should take advantage of the situation without a delay. I would suggest you to find a job with an established airline since they offer so many opportunities. If you have additional training, then it is going to be beneficial in getting a job. If you are able to do an additional certification, then go ahead and do it. As for salaries, as an entry-level worker, you might be paid hourly. If you are a skilled worker, pilot or flight attendance, you might be making $25-$30 an hour.

Airline Job Descriptions

Well, there are plenty of positions to talk about. But these are the main ones – customer service, airline baggage, ticket agent, reservations agent, flight attendant, pilot etc. If you are determined, it won’t be a difficult task to get one of these jobs. Remember the fact that having experience is a big plus for landing on a job with good pay. But all the airlines are open to hiring entry-level job seekers. Make sure that you have some certification as it improves your chances.

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