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Alaska Airlines Job Application

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Alaska Airlines Application Online – Jobs & Careers

Alaska Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States. The workforce of the airline is over 10,000 employees. As the company grows, the airline continues to search for fresh talents and new employees who are able to provide good customer care. The airline offers fulfilling career to candidates.

Opportunities of Alaska Airlines

Globally known airline flies over 90 destinations. The airline provides alpha plus employment opportunities. For skilled employees, the airline offers many diverse opportunities. Airline employment areas consist of technical, customer service, professional services. Job positions are available from entry level to professional level. Also working as a full time or part time options are possible.

Starting a career at Alaska Airlines, is one of the best options in the aviation industry. The airline offers many opportunities to their employees, including promoting within the company. Airline supports the employee growth and improvement. It offers career development programs, mentoring, trainings on a professional level.

Job Positions of Alaska Airlines and Information About Salary

Possible job offers on Alaska Airline vary between entry-level positions and professional careers. In order to promote to an advanced position, employees start with an entry level job. Most of the entry level jobs within Alaska Airlines are related to customer service. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. Some of the job offers within the airline are, flight attendant, ramp service, customer service agent positions.

Flight Attendant: Flight attendants are responsible for the passenger comfort. Greeting passengers while they enter the plane, giving seating assistance, serving and preparing meals and drinks are among main duties. Flight attendants should have the knowledge of safety regulations and they are responsible fort he implementation of safety regulations. Emergency procedures must be explained and demonstrated by them to passengers. Flight attendants must be able to act quickly during emergency situations. Also passenger issues should be solved calmly by them. In order to be able to serve alcoholic beverages, flight attendants must be at least 21 years old. Approximate salary of a flight attendant in Alaska Airlines is $26.000 a year. Also on training days, flight attendants earn approximately $40 a day. These amounts of salaries are among the highest in the airline industry.

Ramp Service: Ramp service requires employees to load and unload cargo.  Ramp service agents use the conveyor belts and forklifts. Loading baggages before flights and unloading baggages after the flight are among their duties. Ramp service agents must handle the cargo with care in order to not to damage the property. The salary of a ramp service agent is $10.50 an hour.

Customer Service Agent Customer service agent (ticketing agent) provides assistance to customers at the ticket counter. Customer service agents are responsible for all aspects of ticketing and they carry out ticket and check-in process very quickly and accurately. Some of the main responsibilities of customer service agents are, guiding customers regarding their ticketing process, making check-in for passengers, making reservations, directing passengers to the gates, processing baggage, answering questions of passengers regarding flights. Customer service agents make approximately $12.50 per hour.

How to Apply to Alaska Airlines

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

Alaska Airlines Working Hours; Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Job Positions at Alaska Airlines; Customer Services Agent, Customer Care Staff, Reservations Agent, Board Room Concierge, Information Technology Team Member, Engineer, Maintenance Staff, Pilot, Project Manager, Flight Attendant, Human Resources Officer, Legal Assistant, Finance Analyst

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. visit official site.

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