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Fallas Discount Stores Job Application

Fallas Discount Stores Application Online – Jobs & Careers

Fallas Discount stores are a part of the National stores in the United States. The company ensures customers to have so many options and such low prices. In this popular retail chain, customers can buy home stuff, kid’s clothing, dresses, various snacks, beautiful shoes, toys, and so forth. Along with this, it provides job opportunities to the ones who are eager to work at a Fallas Discount Store.  Candidates mostly apply for sales consultant and management positions.

Employment Opportunities

The firm seeks to employ good looking, patient and enthusiastic members, so sales team members pose an extravagant importance in Fallas Discount stores. Employees don’t need prior experience in the retail chain, but they must merely conform to some hiring preoccupations. They play a role in the decision making process of buyers by serving them as cashiers or sales associates.  Furthermore, sale associates have a duty to help and offer a daily report to managersas a necessaryActive listening and an ability to draw out information from a customer are also needed skills for sales associates. Part -time and full time employment are available for them.

Besides sales associates, the company searches for applicants who desire to employ in a position of management. Candidates should handle administrative aspects of their career and have a capability to control over other employees in daily duties. Applicants for managerial jobs possess a lot of responsibility incorporating hiring, firing, scheduling, time management, briefly the everyday operation of business.

On the other hand, Fallas Discount stores provide job seekers with many advantages. Health insurance, life insurance, worker discounts, paid time off can be showed as benefits for employees.

Job titles and Pay rates

Cashier: Cashiers generally deal with customer transactions at the cash register. They will oversee finances such as exchanges and payments. They should be patient and optimistic to the customers. Cashiers earn around $8.00-$9.00 an hour.

Sales Associate: Crew members in sales are the first set of people to interact with a customer. They will positively serve the buyers who appeal to find high quality goods at a low price. Other tasks include being careful about clearness and organization of the area. As to the average payment, it is around $9.00 an hour.

Store Manager:  Store managers will assess the recent position of employees and oversee finances, scheduling, also taking in a charge of hiring and firing. They could earn up to $50.000 salary per year by serving for Fallas Discount Stores.

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

Fallas Discount Stores Working Hours; Monday –  Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-5:00pm

Job Positions at Fallas Discount Stores; Sales Associate, Cashier, Merchandise Handler, Stock Room Associate, Keyholder, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager ,Visual Merchandiser, Special Projects Manager, Project Manager

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. visit official site

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