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Harveys Supermarkets Job Application

Harveys Supermarkets Application Online – Jobs & Careers

Harveys Supermarket chains serve with over 70 different locations in the United States that welcome almost a million of customers per week. As the policy requires, Harveys looks for workers who are selectively special at customer satisfaction of services and applicant have the chance to apply for either part time or career featuring positions.

Harveys Job Opportunities

Harveys Supermarkets Job ApplicationHarveys mostly offers entry level positions for the applications who seek for part time jobs. In order to be a part of grocery or sales team, the potential applicants are expected to have experience and be able to adapt flexible working hours. The members of these teams are to help customers, answer the questions kindly, take care of the departments they have been assigned to and perform profitable merchandise.

Harveys follow two distinct ways for hiring managers: either by promoting the within workers from the entry level in time and with experience or by opening relates positions regularly for the outside applicants. In any case, the candidates are strictly required to have deep knowledge on the marketing strategies, retail and organization of the supermarkets. In addition, the managerial position candidates are expected to have the enough physical, technical and emotional strength to better take the responsibilities that the position brings. In return, the annual wages that the managers get under the international patent company is very benefitable and competitive.

Harveys Supermarkets Positions and Salary Information

Harveys Supermarkets applies an age restriction to applicants to be above 16 years old and provides part or full-time positions for work. As an exception, the managerial positions usually are available to applicants for older ages as the laws and regulations impose for the sale of alcohol and tobacco. Among Harveys Supermarkets, the most chosen and readily available positions that can be applied to via website are listed below:

Cashier – Requiring no previous work experience, to be a cashier in Harveys Supermarkets; one must be above 16 years old with a motivated and strong personality. The cashiers are expected to have good communication skills regards to the customers while greeting, scanning of the products and upon transactions via cash or credit cards. Irregular working hours, including holidays and the weekends are part of the position and the workers of this entry level position earn around 10 dollars per hour. To be a cashier of Harveys Supermarkets, the workers are first exposed to a training period which further provides promotion to managerial positions to once entry level workers in time.

Stock Clerk – Harveys Supermarkets hire stock clerks regularly for more than 60 locations around United States. The position requires workers to organize the shelves, displays of the stores and help customers to find the products they look for. Thus, the clerks must have enough awareness of the brands and products sold in the department stores. In addition, stock clerks are expected to have the enough physical strength to work in flexible hours, stand, carry and lift heavy stuff. The workers of this position earn 9-10 dollars wage per hour.

Manager – Harveys Supermarkets hire applicants above 18 years old for managerial positions. The managers of the company are responsible from the hiring and training of new employees, organizing the schedules and salaries, inspecting the workers and accounting of the sales and profits. Leadership and organizational skills are highly demandable as selection criteria for the managerial positions. The annual wages of the managerial positions are depending on a baseline as: department managers earn 25,000 dollars, store managers earn 45,000 dollars and expanding with experience annually.

Minimum Work Age;  16 years old

Harveys Supermarkets Working Hours; Mon-Sat: 7:00am-10:00pm; Sun: 7:00am-9:00pm

Job Positions at Harveys Supermarkets; Sales Associate, Produce Associate, Meat Cutter, Market Team Member, Deli Associate, Bakery Associate, Frozen Food Associate, Dairy Associate, Guest Services Associate, Front End Sales Assistant, Grocery Associate, DSD Receiver, Customer Service Associate, Retail Pricing Coordinator, Specialty Merchandise Associate, Customer Service Manager, Warehouse Shipping Representative, Forklift Operator, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Seafood Associate, Truck Driver, Bilingual Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. Visit official site.

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