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InterContinental Job Application

First and foremost, individuals who want to work at InterContinental are expected to decide in which position they want to work. After finding the position desired, requirements should be carefully examined. Like other companies, InterContinental needs employees in a number of positions and there are different requirements expected to be met for each position. The rest of the article will be explaining the requirements of these positions and how to apply for them.

InterContinental is a company founded by Juan Trippe in 1946. This company provides luxury hotel service. Joining Hotels Group in 1998, the company has nearly 7000 hotels in 100 different countries. Almost every day a new open position is created in the company. If you want to develop your career in the hospitality field, apply for a job today.

InterContinental Jobs

InterContinental continues to employ workers. Providing its employees with all possible opportunities and trying to satisfy its employees, InterContinental aims to strengthen its family through offering job opportunities and adding new members to its team. By examining the positions offered by the chain and the requirements of these positions, you can find the position which you think is most suitable to you and then you can apply online.

1. Front Office Manager

The hotel manager will guide you about the work you will do, and you will strive to maximize the satisfaction of the customers by taking the hotel’s policy and standards into account. You will supervise the work that the staff working in the front desk should do every day. When necessary, you will prepare business plans and guide the employees accordingly. You will assume the necessary responsibilities and ensure that all work that needs to be done is properly completed.

2. Attendant Room

You are responsible for the satisfaction of the customers staying in the hotel where you work. You are responsible for cleaning all rooms or suites when and as required. You have tasks such as arranging the beds and removing the dust when needed. In addition, the proper cleaning and sterilization of the bathrooms are among your other tasks. If there is garbage in the room, you are expected to empty it and follow all company standards. After completing all the things you need to do, you need to inform your supervisor.

InterContinental Job Application Form

InterContinental usually expects applicants to submit application forms online; however, if there is printable application form, you can find it below. If you cannot find the InterContinental application form, you can visit any store of InterContinental and submit your CV to human resources department or to a person who is responsible for this. It is essential to state which position you are applying for and which job you are specifically interested in.

Printable Application Form or PDF; No.

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