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Nike is one of the multinational American companies. This company manufactures and then markets and sells many products from shoes to clothing, accessories to various equipment. The company’s headquarters are located in Portland. This company, which operates in many countries of the world, has nearly 80 thousand employees. You can also start working in this company to shape your career.

Apply Online Nike Jobs;

Nike Job Opportunities, Application & Career (How to Apply Step 1)
  1. Visit official site.
  2. Choose Location.
    • Canada (French or English)
    • Mexico (Spanish)
    • Puerto Rica (Spanish)
    • United Stades (English)

Nike Job Opportunities

Nike continues to employ workers. Providing its employees with all possible opportunities and trying to satisfy its employees, Nike aims to strengthen its family through offering job opportunities and adding new members to its team. By examining the positions offered by the chain and the requirements of these positions, you can find the position which you think is most suitable to you and then you can apply online.

Director Software Engineering: He will be responsible for the technical works of the group he will work with. It should be able to encourage the team to create technical innovations. The long-term strategy for the product should be determined. It should strive for both logical and technical architecture. You should work in collaboration with the person working in the Product Director position to ensure that the company’s goals are in line with the technical strategy. You should understand the basics of languages ​​such as JavaScripting and Python and have done certain practices.

  • Top Locations: 1. Seoul, South Korea – 2. Bangalore, Karnataka/India

Director, Resilience Engineering: Director, Resilience Engineering: It is an ideal position for people who have leadership qualities and have the ability to collaborate between organizations. In adverse situations, people who can correct the situation and have practical experience in engineering will be preferred. You will be responsible for strategic planning on Nike Global Technologies. You are expected to lead a team that includes a Chief Engineer.

  • Top Locations: Beaverton, Oregon/United States

Nike Job Application Form

Nike usually expects applicants to submit application forms online; however, if there is printable application form, you can find it below. If you cannot find the Nike application form, you can visit any store of Nike and submit your CV to human resources department or to a person who is responsible for this. It is essential to state which position you are applying for and which job you are specifically interested in.

Printable Application Form or PDF; No.

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