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Rainbow Job Application

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Rainbow Application Online

With over 1,000 stores in the United States, Rainbow is a worldwide fashion retailer offering a lot of different goods such as women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, accessories, shoes and so forth at discounted prices. Along with that, Rainbow regularly needs new and energetic staff membersin pursuit of a career.Rainbow

Employment opportunities

Rainbow is known as a growing and competitive company in the United States since it pursues current developments of the fashion industry and cultivate contemporary fashion strategies. This retail corporation hires social, motivated and helpful individuals for hard work. In addition, keeping up with the recent styles and trends in the fashion industry is crucial to be employed by the company.

Entry level jobs are generally possible and achievable at Rainbow. Yet, the ability to be decisive for taking the eligible job is another factor to work at Rainbow.On the other hand, Rainbow provides employees with an opportunity for job advancement.

This retail organization provides part- time and full time employees with worker discounts, vacation days and 401 (k) retirement plans. Besides those common advantages of working for Rainbow, full time employees take an advantage for health insurance, life insurance and dental plans.

Job titles and pay rates

This fashion retail organization employs ahigh percentage of women since it generally  producesproducts for women. However, the positions of sales associate and assistant manager remains very favorite and accessible for both genders at Rainbow.

Sales Associate: Prior experience is not required for this entry level occupation at Rainbow. Sales associates are typically responsible for providing customer satisfaction with great service, handling multiple tasks, organizing and prioritizing operation, motivating team members to achieve sale goals. Strong interpersonal skills are also essential for this entry level management position. In addition, sales associates can have flexible schedules, so they can work holidays. As a result, hours of operation are tentative for them. The company gives minimum wage starting pay.

Assistant Manager:  Two years of fashion retail field experience is required to work as an assistant manager at rainbow. However, there are certain examples of sales associates who advance into this occupation thanks to promotions offered by this progressive company. An assistant manager is in charge of training and giving advises to staff in certain issues, monitoring the operation of workers, gathering new information in the fashion world, reporting customer feedback and so forth. They earn up to $11.00 an hour.

Security Guard: This is a full time position necessitating one or two years of experience. Moreover, possession of a security guard license is necessary to be hired for this position. The main duty of a security guard is controlling activities of every person in the store. They must be punctual and organized. They earn minimum wage starting pay at Rainbow.

Facts About Working at Rainbow-

Minimum Work Age; 16 years old

Rainbow Working Hours; Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sunday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Job Positions at Rainbow; Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Planner, Real Estate Accountant, Regional Manager, District Manager,Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Keyholder, Merchandise Handler, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Allocator, Distributor, Merchandise Planner, Visual Merchandiser

Printable Application Form or PDF; No. Visit official site.


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