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Shoney's Job ApplicationStanding in the industry for more than 60 years, the Shoney’s now runs its business in 16 states in almost over 200 spots. As a growing and developing company, Shoney’s need for new applicants to different positions rises rapidly.

Shoney’s Job Opportunities

Welcoming customers in each location with a great atmosphere, the Shoney’s looks for applicants that can contribute to the ideals and needs of the company, have good communication skills and build their vision of business on a level of customer driven service. As working in a chain restaurant requires, the Shoney’s seeks for applicant who are able to adapt well for being a part of a team. The applicants are required to complete their applications through filling out a form and the wages of different positions are determined based on the levels and previous experiences of the employees.

The entry level positions include servers, cashiers, service assistants and cooks: the company provides options for both front and back of house positions. Front of house positions require almost no previous knowledge or experience; therefore, the only need is to follow rules and regulations. On the other hand, back of house workers, predominantly cooks, are required to have enough knowledge for the ensure of safety and sanity of the food being served. For assistant and general managers, further trainings and experience are required.

Shoney’s Positions and Salary Information

Shoney’s hires employees strictly restricted to age above 18 in order to prevent any risk of damage by hazardous elements during handling, operating and controlling. As some locations include bar service, the age restriction operates differently in several conditions. To apply for the listed positions below, the applicants are strictly required to hold a high school diploma or equivalent:

Server– Employees of this position are responsible for taking orders for the food or drinks menu and deliver the related orders to the kitchen stuff in a good timing. A server earns starting wage of at most 5 dollars per hour with additional tips depending on the location of the chain restaurant. Servers are also responsible for the daily cleaning of the restaurants and the work stations. Therefore, the servers are expected to lift and carry heavy stuff and stand and walk for long hours.

Prep Cook– Working in back of house, the prep cook is responsible for preparing and cooking of ordered food and presenting it in a way for customer satisfaction. The prep cooks follow the recipes previously determined by the company and standardized, work in fast and dynamic environments and have the team working ability. Workers of this position can work both part and full time with a wage of 9 dollars per hour.

Cashier/Greeter– Upon arrival and the departure of the customers, the greeter or a cashier acts in the welcoming services and provide the first communication with the customers. In case of a need, the cashier or a greeter must be willing to work in flexible hours in holidays or the weekends. The greeter is responsible for taking the reservations, the names of the customers, providing the appropriate seats and introducing the related menu. The workers of this position earn wages up to 9 dollars per hour. Additionally, the cashiers are required to hold basic math and take the transactions from customers via POS system.

Minimum Work Age; 18 years old

Shoney’s Working Hours; Open every day: 6:00am-10:00pm

Job Positions at Shoney’s; Buffet Quality Coordinator, Cashier, Greeter, Cook, Prep Cook, Server, Service Assistant, Dining Room Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application Form or PDF; Yes. Download Shoneys Corp Restaurant Job Application or visit official site.

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